Mustard Seed Creativity for 2017-2027

How Churches and Families Can Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

An Evening with Tom Sine

Tom Sine

Tom is the author of a number of books including Mustard Seed Versus McWorld, The New Conspirators and his new book on the changemaking creativity of the millennial generation Join the Changemaking Celebration. Tom does consulting in Futures/Innovation with Christian mission organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Tear Fund UK. Learn more at

Tom and Christine live in an intergenerational Christian Community to help launch a new generation of changemakers. Tom's favorite thing is cooking food from all over the world for friends from all over the world. He reports that most have survived.

Sunday, May 21th

5:00 PM EST

Rosedale Baptist Church

4400 Maybelle Ave

Austin, TX 78756

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An invitation for followers of Jesus to create more thriving lives, families, neighborhoods and congregations in a world changing at Warp Speed. 

Come ready to work in small creativity groups, with other Christian leaders, to imagine and create new possibilities for our lives, our young, our neighborhoods and our ways that engage some of tomorrow's urgent challenges. We will take you on a quick tout tour of some of the new challenges and opportunities we are likely to face as race towards 2027. Then we will invite you to choose a creativity group and go to work creating new possibilities to share with the other groups.

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What kind of lifestyle will enable me, my family and my church follow Jesus in a changing world?



How can my life, family and church community making a difference in the world around me?

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How can we reimagine churches that will thrive in the 21st century?

We'll Discuss How To:

  • Create new forms of whole life faith that will enable us to deal with the increasing pressures on the time and money of those in our churches as we race towards 2027
  • Create ways to raise children with compassion of Jesus in a future of growing pressure to pursue for more
  • Create new ways to enable young leaders to launch their lives and make difference for Christ as they are facing escalating educational and housing costs in this coming decade
  • Create new ways to draw on the imaginations of our 18 to 35 year olds to create new forms of neighborhood empowerment so our most vulnerable neighbors can become more self reliant facing increasingly tough times
  • Create new forms of churchmaking to engaging a new generation that we are likely to see rapidly leave many of our traditional churches in the coming decade
  • Create new forms of re-purposing church buildings that are going to rapidly increase in number 2017 to 2027
  • Create new and better parties, in the way of Jesus, in response to a future of growing "instagram envy".

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