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A church community practicing the way of Jesus for North Central Austin

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Austin Mustard Seed is a church community that is practicing the way of Jesus for North Central Austin.

A church community – This may be a redundant phrase, because a church is, above all, a collective of people. But it’s easy for us to get a church confused with a building or an event, so this is a helpful reminder for us of what a church is.

that is practicing the way of Jesus – The earliest Christians were called the Way, because they were recognized as much by how they lived as what they believed. We are joined by a core set of beliefs, but we aren’t simply a bunch of friends who think the same way. Instead, we work out together what it means for us to live as followers of Jesus and be part of something greater than ourselves – God’s ongoing work of repair, redemption, and renewal.

for North Central Austin – We are, first and foremost, called to our neighborhoods. This is where we live, where we know and where we are known. We exist for the common good of our neighbors, even as we are part of the greater church serving God’s purposes in all of creation.

We are, as a church should be, formed around our relationships with one another. So, the best way to know about Austin Mustard Seed is face to face. We’d be happy to meet you for coffee, to tell you our story and hear some of yours. Just let us know.

Until then, want to know more?