Backyard Liturgy

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What’s a “Backyard Liturgy?”  Backyard Liturgy is a hybrid in person and online gathering. In order to continue to stay safe and meet City guidelines, we’ll be gathering in “micro-liturgies” in backyards throughout town. At these liturgies participants will be able to enjoy chatting together before and after liturgy. They’ll also share in the Passing of the Peace, Prayers of the People, and Eucharist together (all safely and distanced. The shared liturgy experience will be online via the YouTube livestream. 

What about the livestream? The YouTube livestream isn’t going away! It will be our anchor point for backyard liturgy during this season. All the elements of the livestream, including interacting in the livechat will continue. Weather may require us to cancel backyard liturgy gatherings, and we know that some may prefer to participate from home or asynchronously. We will continue to connect with you online.

How does backyard liturgy work? Hosts will provide space for small, outdoor gatherings (10 people, including children). Sign-ups are required to ensure we stay within the 10-person limit. Please wear masks, and plan to bring a picnic blanket or chairs. We will be providing supplies for each host home to keep kids occupied during liturgy and to make everyone comfortable. More information will be provided by your host about what to bring. 

What about Eucharist? Covid-safe, gluten & alcohol-free, Eucharist supplies will be provided at each host home. 

Will the hosts be the same each Sunday? The hosts will rotate from Sunday to Sunday. This way as many as want have the opportunity to host will be able to. Interested in hosting? Let April know.

Do I have to go to the same Backyard Liturgy every Sunday? Nope! Visit as many backyards and see as many folks as you can!

Can I invite a friend? Please! This is an excellent opportunity to invite a friend. Just make sure we know they’re coming because of the 10 person limit.

What about kids? We’ve missed the kids! Erin is busy planning things for kids to do during liturgy, and the hosts for Sunday, Oct 18 are looking forward to hosting them! 

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