Backyard Liturgy

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What is Backyard Liturgy? Read the prayers, scripture, and celebrate Eucharist together. If kids are present an activity will be provided. If your group is comfortable eating together, pack a lunch or order delivery to share afterwards!

What about the livestream? The YouTube livestream isn’t going away! We know that many prefer the online liturgy for various reasons. YouTube Liturgy will happen every other week most months.

How does Backyard Liturgy work? Hosts will provide space for small, outdoor gatherings (10-15 people depending on space, including children). Sign-ups are required with the host to ensure safety at each location. Please wear masks, and plan to bring a picnic blanket or chairs. Supplies for Eucharist, COVID safety, kids, and the liturgy are provided for each host.

What about Eucharist? Covid-safe, gluten & alcohol-free Eucharist supplies will be provided at each host home. 

Will the hosts be the same each Sunday? The hosts will rotate from Sunday to Sunday. This way as many as want have the opportunity to host will be able to. Interested in hosting? Let April know.

Do I have to go to the same Backyard Liturgy every Sunday? Nope! Visit as many backyards and see as many folks as you can!

Can I invite a friend? Please! This is an excellent opportunity to invite a friend. Just make sure the host knows they’re coming.

What about kids? Kids are encouraged to participate in the liturgy with their families. Each Backyard Liturgy will be different depending on whether kids are present and their ages. However, supplies and an activity will be provided for kids to do.

Sign up for Backyard Liturgy, Sunday, April 11

Please RSVP with the host to let them know you’re coming or email us at

East Cesar Chavez: Olivia & Mitch Strickling (2211 Canterbury St)

Northeast: Kate & Shane Blackshear (9815 Teasdale Terrace)

Jonestown: Rachel & Daniel Zeigler (18419 Plazaway St, Jonestown)