Five Things You'll Notice at the Austin Mustard Seed Taster

July 17th, 2013 | John Chandler

This Sunday, Austin Mustard Seed is hosting a “Taster“. Tasters are a sort of combined sneak-peak and meet-and-greet. These events help us prepare for a weekly Sunday Liturgy that will begin later this year.

There are at least five things you will notice this Sunday.

1. We are all about Jesusthepoint

We get-together on Sundays to learn from the story of Jesus, sing songs to Jesus, and eat a sacred meal called Eucharist, which Jesus invented. Other things happen, but it all points back to Jesus.

2. It won’t be perfect

We’ve never had a Sunday Liturgy before. We will all be working together to create something new. You can expect some bumps along the way. We think that’s okay because we aren’t perfect people, and you don’t have to be perfect either.

3. It will feel familiar

Although Austin Mustard Seed is something new, we are a part of a long tradition. We want to build on what we have learned from Vox Veniae, a church that fits very well in Austin. We also love old meaningful hymns and prayers written by those who have come before us. Sunday Liturgy will be a combination of Austin culture, best practices and ancient traditions.

fingers-hug4. You will make a new friend

Austin Mustard Seed is committed to being church together. We are full of people like Ron, a fashion photographer turned Product Manager, Daniel, a world-class barista, and Sherri, who has never met a stranger. We look forward to hearing your story at the Taster, and at dinner afterward at Pinthouse Pizza.

5. You will leave excited

God is doing new and exciting things all the time. We want to be a part of that. We hope that you will leave excited about what new things God is doing in your life. We hope you’ll leave excited about this new church community.

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We’ll see you this Sunday.

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