Cultivate: What Practices Shape a Church?

July 31st, 2013 | John Chandler

What regular practices will shape our life together as a church community?

That’s the question we’ll discuss this Sunday evening. We will return to the Lighthouse Building at Hope Chapel (1510 Ruth Ave) at 4:30 for a time of conversation and prayer.

hard hat

One of the practices we will discuss as vocation. Vocation is an approach to life, whereby your day job becomes an opportunity to serve God. Vocation isn’t just limited to Pastors or Monks, it’s a defining practice of all of Jesus followers. Here’s how writer John Howard Yoder described a world full of vocationally-minded people:

If we reclaim the doctrine of vocation…then the specific ministry of:

The Christian banker or financier will be to find realistic, technically not utopian ways of implementing jubilee amnesty; there are people doing this.

The Christian realtor or developer will find ways to house people according to need; there are people doing this.

The Christian judge will open the court system to conflict resolution procedures, and resist the trend toward more and more litigation; this is being done.

You can read more about our dream of being a community of practices, including Hospitality, Sabbath and Vocation.

We can’t have this discussion without you! Your opinion and experience are vital to cultivating a new church community.

After our formal conversation we’ll head out for dinner together to continue the conversation.