Midweek Meetup: Lunch at EZs

August 6th, 2013 | John Chandler

EZs Lamar AustinSee you throughout the week” is a key saying we learned from our friends at Vox Veniae. We can’t follow Jesus alone, we need each other. We need more than just an hour or two on Sundays.

Who: You and your friends
What: Sweet Potato tots, among other tasty things
Where: EZ’s Brick Oven and Grill
When: Wednesday, August 7, 12pm

When we say “see you throughout the week,” we mean more than just running into each other. Lunches. Coffees. Parties. Babysitting. Helping each other move. Mourning the hard times. Celebrating the wins. Life together.

Let’s resurrect a worn-out old church word: Fellowship