Four Take-Aways from Sunday's Taster Liturgy

August 29th, 2013 | John Chandler

Thank you to all those who came out and helped with our second ever “Taster” Liturgy. We learned a lot, made new friends, and came up with a few ideas. Here are four takeaways from the experience.

We LOVE Foodheads

We owe a huge thanks to the owners of Foodheads who opened their doors to a few strangers. they showed us around, made us feel at home and let us rearrange the space. The location is ideal, in the center of Austin. The ambience is perfect. The building’s feels like wooden floors, quality art and retro decor just feels like Austin.

It takes EVERYONE’S help

Hosting a liturgy required strong muscles to move furniture, confident readers, a thoughtful teacher for the kids, computer experts and a super talented musician who stepped up at the last minute. The word liturgy means “the work of the people” which means everyone is needed.

We’ve got a LONG way to go

We had a few bumps along the way. Here we are, a few friends and strangers joining a family that dates back thousands of years.It felt a little like a teenager learning put on make-up or tie a tie.

Put a BIRD on it.

We discussed Jesus’s story of the mustard seed, which was considered a dangerous weed. The weed becomes a tree. The tree becomes a home for homeless birds from around the world. When God is at work, people from all over find their home.