What is a "Livable" Church?

September 6th, 2013 | John Chandler

Austin Mustard Seed is exploring what it means to be a localized, indigenous Church. We are asking questions like “who are our neighbors?” and “how we can serve them in meaningful Jesus-like ways?”.

We’re not alone in this journey. We’ve been inspired by Vox Veniae, a church focused on a single neighborhood in Austin. Another inspiration is Zoe Livable Church in Tacoma, Washington. Christianity Today tells the ten year story of Zoe. While they began with a “we’re here to save the city!” mentality, they slowly transformed into a focus on knowing and serving their neighbors.

“How might a church seek the common good of a neighborhood that’s already seeking a similar future? And in what ways might that church’s pursuit be faithful to the peculiarity of Christ? …The answer began with a posture of active listening together. They wanted to join what God was already up to.”


They eventually shifted their focus to “placemaking activities—activities meant to make a location more beautiful, walkable, just, storied, and conducive to human flourishing”.

Read the whole story on CT’s This is our City blog.. Then, join us on Sunday as we continue to cultivate a new church for our neighborhood.