5 People who should come to Sunday's Taster Liturgy

September 18th, 2013 | John Chandler

This Sunday is Austin Mustard Seed’s final “Taster” Liturgy. In mid-October, we’ll begin hosting a weekly Sunday Liturgy. This is our opportunity to worship God, make some new friends, and practice being good hosts.

Are you one of the following five types of people?

TWOTP Birds 2

1) You get excited about building new things.

You might have had a lemonade stand or a lawn mowing business as a kid. You’re comfortable with the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants nature of starting something new. Your favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 43:19, where God says “See, I am doing a new thing!”

2) You’re not sure about church.

Maybe you have never been to church, or you haven’t been for awhile. You might be interested in the teachings of Jesus and the type of community they inspire. Even though you’ve got good reason to be skeptical about churches, you’re willing to try something new.

3) You live, work or play in North/Central Austin.

Austin Mustard Seed is passionate about the neighborhoods of North Central Austin. You love Rosedale’s “Flag Store.” You drink Houndstooth coffee. You buy your groceries at Central Market. You workout at Crossfit Central. You dig the North/Central vibe and want to serve the neighborhoods there.

4) You love Vox Veniae, and you want to see more churches like it.

We’ve been inspired by our friends at Vox Veniae. We love their focused commitment to living the church together, and their passion for their East side neighborhood. We hope to follow their example.

5) You just want to feel things out

You’re not sure if Austin Mustard Seed is for you, but you are willing to give it a shot. Why not, right?

We’ll see you Sunday at 4:30pm at The Lighthouse (1510 Ruth Ave). RSVP on Facebook and bring a friend.