This Sunday: Wholeness

November 5th, 2013 | John Chandler

We are in the midst of looking at our Markers in Sunday liturgy. Our markers are a starting point for shared understandings, for a common view of how we see life and do it together.

Sunrise birds

The second marker, which we will talk about Sunday, is Wholeness, and here’s how we describe it:

We are an imaginative community. While we see the work of God in this world, we also hold a deep understanding that not everything is as it should be. God is not finished with the story. In the structures of our world and in our own lives, we see brokenness. But we hope. We long for the final redemption when God will join a new heaven and a new earth together in the ultimate act of restoration. Until then, we choose to live in the Way of Jesus because we believe that is how we will see life flourish in our souls, our homes, our community, our world and in creation.