Seeking His Face: An Advent Prayerbook

December 1st, 2013 | John Chandler

There is a force in American culture that pushes us during this season.

Go to parties! Buy lots of presents! Decorate everything! Feel Cheery! NOW!!

In contrast, the traditional season of Advent is about waiting for Jesus to arrive. The following devotional will help you prepare for the holiday with quiet, scripture and prayer.

Each day of prayer contains a number of different elements— an invitation into God’s presence, times of quiet, Scripture, free prayer, a set prayer, and a closing blessing. All of this is meant to be experienced as prayer. We may not be used to this way of praying, but think of it as an extended conversation with God—God invites you to be with him; you quietly enjoy his presence, listen to his Word, and respond to him with the reality of your life; and God sends you with his blessing.

Download the Advent prayerbook here.