Sermon Audio (1/12/14): Our Rhythms — Liturgy

January 13th, 2014 | John Chandler

This Sunday, we began (in our new meeting space!) a series exploring our rhythms and practices together. First off, we talked about liturgy, and how it plays in the life of our community. Below are the quotes John shared during the message:

‘The radical option is nothing more or less than for the church to be a way of life.’ — Rodney Clapp in A Peculiar People

‘The original Christians, in short, were about creating and sustaining a unique culture — a way of life that would shape character in the image of their God. And they were determined to be a culture, a quite public and political culture, even if it killed them and their children. — Rodney Clapp in A Peculiar People

‘liturgies — whether “sacred” or “secular — shape and constitute our identities by forming our most fundamental desires and our most basic attunement to the world.’ — James K. A. Smith in Desiring the Kingdom

‘our most fundamental identity is not that of Americans — it is that of Christ’s disciples. So our most important culture is the church; our most important cultural activity is the liturgy.’ — Rodney Clapp in A Peculiar People

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