Worth Your Attention: Ecclesia National Gathering Audio

March 27th, 2014 | John Chandler

Ecclesia National Gathering AudioLast month, Chris and I had the fortune to attend the National Gathering for the Ecclesia Network. This is a network of churches around the country that our church belongs to, all learning alongside each other what it means to be the church in our unique contexts.

The theme for the gathering was “Brining the Word to Life”. The Collective sessions and breakouts were mostly focused on what it means for us to make sense of the ancient texts of Scripture in our contemporary context.

The audio of all the sessions is now online for free, and we encourage you to listen to those that interest you. If you’re going to start anywhere though, we recommend you start with these two collective sessions:

Collective 1: Scripture’s Grand Narrative – Kingdom, Mission, and World, by Scot McKnight
Collective 6: Lack and Longing – Rediscovering a Lost Strength, by Mandy Smith