This is Why You Should Invite a Friend to Draught House on Thursday Night

June 2nd, 2014 | John Chandler


Every Sunday, we close our Liturgy at Austin Mustard Seed by saying “see you throughout the week.”

This phrase is not really a “benediction.”

It is an invitation.

Summer is here, a time to renew our efforts to be together and invite others to join us. As followers of Jesus, we invite others to join us in the process of becoming more like Jesus. The word the Bible uses for this is “disciple.” A better translation of that word might be “learner.”

When we say “see you throughout the week” we’re really saying:

We are learning to be more like Jesus.

We can only learn to be like Jesus together.

Join us in learning all week long.

We get together in Midweek Meetups at places like the Draughthouse. We see each other at basketball games, in coffee shops and in each other’s homes.

Along the way, we share food, drinks and stories. We invite God to meet us there, and expect that he will help us learn.

In time, we become a contagious collective of disciples learning the way of Jesus all week long.

Let’s get started this week. See you Thursday at 8pm at the Draughthouse (4112 Medical Pkwy).

And all summer long.

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