Learn to Forgive on August 4

July 28th, 2014 | John Chandler

We are a community learning to do the things that Jesus said to do. One of the most obvious things he taught is also the one of hardest to do: 

Forgive people who hurt us.

At 7pm on Monday, August 4, we will host Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey from Life Model Works. Dr. Wilder is a neuroscientist and pastor. They study the intersection of spiritual growth and brain science.

L e a r n   t o   f o r g i v e

We will learn ideas and practice practical exercises about:

In order to prepare for the evening, Dr. Wilder had requested that participants take the JoyQ, a scientific survey that measures your level of joy in relationships. Please complete this before August 2.

We will be inviting friends from around Austin to join us for a small cost.

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