This is Who We Are: Piper Allen

September 10th, 2014 | John Chandler

This is Who We Are is an interview series where the women and men (and this week babies) of Austin Mustard Seed introduce themselves. If you’d like to participate, send an email to Chris Morton.


This week, we have the pleasure of introducing one of our newest members, Piper Allen.  Austin Mustard Seed Kids will be starting a baby class soon, so what better way to kick that off than an interview with Piper?  I caught her between naps and asked her a few questions.

What hobbies do you have?
Eating. Sleeping. Hanging out in my sling. Sleeping some more, then entertaining my big brother.

Who are some of your heroes and why?
My mom and dad for hanging in there when I decided to come a little (ok a lot) early and the doctors and nurses at St. David’s that took care of me while I was in the hospital. Also, all of my friends, family and even strangers that prayed for me, even before I was born.

What is your day job?
Boss Baby

Why do you follow Jesus?
I’ve heard of that guy. My parents tell me he loves me even more than they do. He also built things like my daddy, loves kids, and walked on water so he’s got to be pretty amazing.

What is one thing you love about Austin Mustard Seed?
I love how much Austin Mustard Seed loves families. We all start Sunday liturgy together and then my brother goes to the kids’ class while I hang with mom and dad for the long talking part. Then all the kids come back and we do something called Communion together, as a family. No one gets upset when I sleep in my sling or even when I get a little impatient.


My parents say I’m still a little young for social media, so that has to wait.  But I’d love to see you in AMS’s new baby class, starting soon!

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