This Is Who We Are: Brittany Callender

September 17th, 2014 | John Chandler

This is Who We Are is an interview series where the women and men of Austin Mustard Seed introduce themselves. If you’d like to participate, send an email to Chris Morton.

BrittanyCThis week we have the pleasure of introducing you to Brittany Callender, one of our “craftier” members of Austin Mustard Seed.

What is your favorite dish to cook?
I have been trying to cook Korean food at home, so right now my favorite is bibimbap, which is served a lot of ways, but normally with rice, veggies, meat, and some Korean red pepper paste. The key is to get it all piping hot and then crack an egg on top.

Where is the most exciting place you have traveled?
Last Fall I went to Australia for my brother Matt`s wedding. People always tell you that everything is poisonous and dangerous there (I really mean this — I had about 20 people say some version of “You know the deadliest snake AND spider live in Australia, right?). And it`s absolutely true! There were beaches I couldn’t walk on due to the salt water crocodiles. There were times I couldn’t swim in the ocean due to a Tiger Shark infestation. The highlight of my trip was getting to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef with my brothers. I wouldn’t trade that experience with them for the world.

What hobbies do you have?
I do a lot of random crafts, but the thing I probably do better than anyone I know is make giant things out of papier mache. I have made the Eiffel Tower, a giant giraffe, the leaning tower of Pisa, a lion head, and right now I have a giant bear head in my bathroom, waiting to dry. I also like to write, play music and sing, and am a pop-culture buff.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in (suburban) Houston with my four brothers and parents (two of them are in the picture with me!). because I lived there through the mid-90s, I will casually refer to Houston as “Clutch City.” This is a basketball reference, for those who don`t know sports. Go wikipedia it.

Where did you go to school?
I attended the fine University of Texas here in Austin. I moved to Austin as soon as i graduated (literally two days after) and I never looked back. Austin is my place. Also, I was a senior when UT won the National Championship. I still am not over the joy of that day in early 2006…also, can you tell I have four brothers from the amount of sports references that are in my answers?

Who has had the greatest influence in your life?
My parents are incredible people and I still call them to talk a few times a week. They have taught me how to be kind. My mentor through books has been Madeleine L`Engle, who wrote A Wrinkle in Time, but who also wrote a ton of non-fiction. I love everything she has ever written. The way that she integrates being an artist, a Christian, and simply a human is something I aspire to.

What is one thing you love about Austin Mustard Seed?
I love how nothing is for show. Everyone who goes to AMS is real. I also love that everyone pitches in to make it work. It`s a group effort!

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