Community Check-in this Sunday

November 4th, 2014 | John Chandler

Portrait of male doctor wearing headband

We all need regular check-ins.

On Sunday, November 16 we’ll have a “Community Check-in.” Just like that annual trip to the doctor’s office we’re supposed to do, our church community needs to proactively check in on how we are doing.

This Community Check-in is not an official business meeting or training session. Instead we will ask the twin questions “how are we doing as individuals” and “what does that mean for us as a community?”

To enable this discussion we’ll tweak a few classic tools called “Start. Stop. Continue.” and the Prayer of Examen. This will help us individually reflect on our daily lives and ask:

Then we will add a unique twist, by discussing as a community “what do opportunities do we have to better share life together?”

The goal is to continue to answer the question “what does it mean for us to become more like Jesus, together?”

We hope you’ll join us.