This Sunday: Advent is here!

November 25th, 2014 | John Chandler

This Sunday is the first week of Advent — a time of anticipating and longing for God’s coming to this world. It’s a time where we go back in our story to live in expectation of a coming Messiah, while also longing ourselves for the time where God will fully restore all as it was intended to be.

We will enter into the lectionary throughout Advent and the weeks that follow, alongside millions and millions of Christians around the world who read and reflect through the same texts each week. We will long with them to see God’s work unfolding now as it did then.

The rest of life seems to pick up the pace of the holidays. We hope our weekly liturgy can continue to be a time where we gather with an intent to be present in the richness of this season, making the most of what it means.

Each week at 10:30am, we gather for Liturgy at 7500 Woodrow Avenue. All are welcome, including you.