Advent Movement One: Hope

November 30th, 2014 | John Chandler


It would be an incredible understatement to say we are excited about Advent finally arriving.

During liturgy, John encouraged us to wholly lean into this season and that is exactly what we are doing. Possibly the most exciting part of this season is that it is deeply communal. As one body we are waiting in expectation for the coming of Christ on Christmas, meaning Advent is something we experience together. This story is not just mine or yours; it is ours.

Therefore, we wanted there to be ways the community can engage in Advent together, as families, as friends, as midweek groups, and as a church. One of the ways we are doing this is through a weekly resource that the whole church can experience together. This resource is meant for enjoyment, contemplation, prayer, discussion, or all of the above.

The resource is an ebook that is comprised of art and readings. It is purposely made to allow space for our own thoughts, interpretations, and prayers. There will be four movements throughout Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. It is a movement, like in music, as it is a progression of interconnected themes throughout a season, ultimately bringing us to Christmas. It is not simply a chapter or a section; these themes are ones we will continually revisit as we consider their importance in our story.

Download Advent Movement One – Hope