Sacred Exercises: The Liturgical Calendar

December 4th, 2014 | John Chandler


The image above isn’t a strategy game board — it’s a representation of the liturgical calendar, which began anew this past Sunday. This is an annual rhythms that has been observed by churches all around the world for centuries.

Roughly the first half of the year is spent telling the story of Jesus, reminding us of his work and how it sits at the center of the Christian faith. In the coming months, we will recognize Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection, and a few other significant events from his life along the way.

The second half of the calendar is called ‘Ordinary Time’. This is where we get on with being the church continuing the work Jesus began. We do that all year, of course, but ordinary time is a helpful reminder that Jesus’ life work is still ongoing.

So, as a church, we will press hard into the liturgical calendar in the coming months. We will remember the stories of Jesus together and allow them to shape who we are as we follow the way of Jesus for North Central Austin.