This Sunday: Sabbath BC

January 13th, 2015 | John Chandler

We often talk about our rhythms and practices, and the role they play in the life of Austin Mustard Seed. As we go through 2015 together, we are going to spend 3 intensive seasons in each of our practices: Sabbath, Hospitality and Vocation. This week, we’ll begin three weeks of teaching about Sabbath.

After three weeks, our hope is that each of would be able to describe what the life-giving practice of Sabbath can look like for us. We’ll kick it off this week talking about Sabbath BC, how this ancient practice came to begin the Old Testament as a core practice in the life of God’s people.

Each week at 10:30am, we gather for Liturgy at 7500 Woodrow Avenue. All are welcome.