Want church to feel like community? This will help.

January 22nd, 2015 | John Chandler


We end every liturgy by saying “see you throughout the week.”

It’s not just a nice way to end our time together—it’s key to what it means to be a church community.

As we grow and develop, our aim to increasingly be formed into a community of disciples on mission. This can only happen if we are around each other a lot.

But it’s hard.

We’re busy.

We get older, and it becomes harder to make friends.

Honestly, we don’t always have the bandwidth for more relationships.

So, how do we become this kind of community?

After Liturgy on Sunday, January 25, we will have our next Midweek Group Scrimmage and lunch. This isn’t a training lecture; it’s an opportunity to practice who we want to become. (RSVP Below)

At the scrimmage we will:

Everyone is invited to participate, especially those of us in a Midweek Group. Lunch will be available for a suggested donation of $7.

So, see you throughout the week!