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Sabbath aMS (2015.02.01 Sermon Audio)

February 1st, 2015

John Chandler

John Chandler wrapped our series on Sabbath as we talked together on what it might looks like for those within aMS to embrace Sabbath.

Resources and links mentioned:

  • “Sabbath is a deliberate act of interference, an interruption of our work each week, a decree of no-work so that we are able to notice, to attend, to listen, to assimilate this comprehensive and majestic work of God, to orient our work in the work of God.” — Eugene Peterson
  • “When, after the six “days” of creation, the creator completed his work and “rested,” we are to understand not simply that he sat back and did nothing but that he came and took up residence in the world he had made.” — NT Wright
  • “In Jesus we meet not a presentation of basic ideas about God, world, and humanity, but an invitation to join up, to become a part of a movement, a people.” — Stanley Hauerwas & Will Willimon
  • “But we need a community of people who all fervently desire to follow Jesus. Together we can support each other in resisting the powerful forces of the culture that would pull us into its violence, greed, consumerism, addictions, mindlessness, and passivity.” — Marva Dawn

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