An Exciting Experiment for Midweek Groups

March 24th, 2015 | John Chandler

If you were with us this past Sunday, you heard an announcement about a little change to how we do Midweek Groups.

For the past year and a half, our groups have met every-other-week. On the off-weeks, we’ve enjoyed Midweek Meetups at the Draught House. About half of those surveyed mentioned they would prefer to meet weekly. At the same time, we’ve noticed that weeknight meetups are difficult for many in our community.


So, based on this feedback, we’d like to experiment with a different rhythm in April and May:

1. Midweek Groups should consider meeting every week. If you are working through a book or another practice, you can do this each week. You might also consider doing something fun during these additional weeks, like going out for dessert or playing games.

2. Thursday Midweek Meetups will be replaced by a Saturday daytime meetup. Keep your eyes peeled for our first one in mid-April.

We realize that not everyone can make every single meeting, but that’s okay. Our prayer with this is that we people will feel better connected, to God and each other.

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