What is a Dojo and What Does it Have to Do with Jesus?

June 2nd, 2015 | John Chandler


The word “Dojo” is a Japenese word that can roughly be translated “Place of the Way.”

Which is fitting, really.

According to a book of the Bible called Acts, the very first name for the Church was “the people of the way.” The way we describe ourselves at Austin Mustard Seed is a church community practicing the way of Jesus.

How can we learn to practice The Way together?

One way is by creating a dojo. However, instead of learning martial arts, we focus one of Austin Mustard Seed’s three core practices.

This summer, we’ll be focusing on Hospitality. Over the last few weeks John has challenged our community to think more about hospitality. Beginning on June 7, we’ll begin a 12-week experiment in learning how to be more hospitable.

Save the date for a the Hospitality Dojo lunch Kickoff, directly after Liturgy on June 7 at Threadgills (6416 N. Lamar).

During that time, we each set a personal 12-week hospitality related goal. We’ll also discuss how we can encourage each other all summer long to carry through on our goal.

Our hope during this experiment is that God will transform us into people of hospitality and that our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and strangers will know a little more about us and Jesus.

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