This Sunday: Sermon on the Mount

June 3rd, 2015 | John Chandler

Sermon-on-the-Mount-webAs Jesus traveled from place to place in the early first century, all of his teaching was about one central idea — The Kingdom of God. Everything he said, and did, was about explaining how things should look when they are going the way God intended, the way they are meant to be in God’s Kingdom.

This summer, we are going to go through Jesus’ magna carta on the Kingdom of God — the Sermon on the Mount. Found in chapters 5-7 of the Gospel of Matthew, this series of teachings came from early in Jesus’ ministry as he shared what the kingdom could look like then. And as we study in on Sundays this summer, we’ll learn together how it might look now.

This Sunday, we’ll kick it off as we look at what Jesus was up to in the days and weeks at the beginning of his ministry that led up to the sermon itself.

We gather for Liturgy every Sunday at 10:30am. You are welcome to join us at Brentwood Elementary School (6700 Arroyo Seco). (Park in the back off of Yates Ave.) All are welcome.