This Sunday: Vocation

September 30th, 2015 | John Chandler

So far this year, we’ve spent seasons in two of our primary pratices: Sabbath and Hospitality. Sabbath and Hospitality are tangible practices, and pretty easy to put on a calendar.

And now, as the year winds down, we move toward our third practice: Vocation. Vocation is a bigger concept, but one that can and should shape each day of our life. Here’s how we describe vocation:

As those created in the image of God, we are most human when we are reflecting the nature and character of God. Primary to God’s nature is the ongoing work of creation, selfless giving of new life motivated out of love.

For each of us, there is a vocation that matches our unique mix of giftings and passions with who God created us to be.

As we listen to God and self, we learn our vocation, move into it to offer our fullest presence to the world. It may be within a career, or it may be alongside it, but we recognize our primary work is defined by who God has called us to be, not by what we do.

I’m excited for us to explore vocation together for the next four weeks in our liturgy. If you’re not able to be there any Sundays, I hope you’ll keep up with the semrons on the podcast. We’ll start with some big ideas about the whole of reality, all the while working to filter them down to the realities of our daily calendars.
We gather for Liturgy every Sunday at 10:30am. You are welcome to join us at Brentwood Elementary School (6700 Arroyo Seco). (Park in the back off of Yates Ave.) All are welcome.