Boots Needed for Community First by 11/8

November 2nd, 2015 | John Chandler


Community First Village is a unique approach to serving the needs of chronically homeless men and women in Austin, Texas. They not only provide a community of affordable tiny houses for people to live in, but they also create opportunities for meaningful work.

Much of the work takes place in the gardens which provide tasty organic produce for residents and sale.

This week our Midweek Groups will band together to provide work men’s work boots for our friends.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Bring a donation to your Midweek Groups this Tuesday or Thursday.
  2. Use the money to buy a pair of Wolverine Men’s W04825 Buccaneer Boot, between sizes 9-12.
  3. Bring the boots to Liturgy on 11/8.

That’s it!