IMPORTANT: Marathon Breakfast Tacos and Driving Directions

February 11th, 2016 | John Chandler


This Sunday Will Be Different

Every Sunday we gather for Liturgy at 10:30. This Sunday will be different.

The Austin Marathon and Half Marathon will be passing directly in front of us! Instead of hunkering down in the chapel, we’ll head outside to cheer on our neighbors and enjoy tacos.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Come from the East
    Duval will be shut down, making it impossible to come from the East side. The best way to get through is from the west, such as I-35 or Red River. Here’s a list of road closures.
  2. Meet down front
    We’ll set up at the bottom of the stairs, at the corner of Rathervue and 31st. And yeah, there aren’t any chairs there, so feel free to bring your own.
  3. We’re Making Tacos and Coffee!
    On Sunday, we’ll all have all the fixings for breakfast tacos! We just need a few chefs! Come prepared to scramble some eggs and pour some coffee.
  4. Get loud!
    We’re excited to cheer for our running neighbors. Bring noise makers and enjoy making a sign with your friend’s name on it.
  5. Spread the word
    Because things are a little different, we need all the help we can get spreading the word. Remind your friends and your Midweek Group to make sure everyone finds out.