Lent 5 – Survival and Flourishing (2016.03.13 Sermon)

March 14th, 2016 | John Chandler

Our friend Jason Minnix offers a Lenten sermon on survival and flourishing from Joshua 5:9-12.

Quote mentioned:
“Thus the biblical tradition, and Jesus in particular, praises faith even more often than love. Why? Because faith is that patience with mystery that allows you to negotiate the stages of life and move toward non-egocentric love. As both John of the Cross and Gerald May point out in their own descriptions of “the dark night of the soul,” God teaches the soul most profoundly through darkness–and not just light! We only need enough light to be able to trust the darkness. Trials and darkness teach us how to trust in a very practical way that a good God is guiding us. I don’t need to be perfectly certain before I take the next step. Now I can trust that even my mistakes will be used in my favor, if I allow them to be. This is a wonderful way to grow in human love too, by the way. Darkness, mistakes, and trials are the supreme teachers. Success really teaches you nothing; it just feels good.” — Richard Rohr

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