Women's Story Night is Wednesday

August 16th, 2016 | John Chandler


Our final Women’s Story Night is this Wednesday at 6:30pm, at the home of Bethany Cheng (6714 Tampa Cove).

We’ll do two things at Women’s Story Night:

  1. Eat Tasty Foods
  2. Listen to each other

About Dinner

We’ll organize a little potluck via email. You can contact April Karli to be added to the list.

About Story Night Story Night is a chance for one person to share a story, and for the rest of us to practice listening. This is a sacred space where we grow closer, and where we learn to hear the guidance of God’s Spirit.

Two storytellers are invited to share about a recent or powerful moment in their lives that they are still processing. You can read a one page description of our storytelling format herePlease let Ashley know if you’d like to participate.