Share Your Thoughts on the Liturgy Survey

October 11th, 2016 | John Chandler

prairiewarblerAs we move towards Advent, we are inviting our community into a Common Life — a shared way of living for the year to come. Because this is an invitation to all to participate, we want to invite everyone’s voice.

This past Sunday, we talked about what liturgy means to our community. We spent time listening to how a handful of people within aMS find value in our weekly liturgy by hearing their responses to three simple questions:

  1. How has the way we do liturgy changed the way you think about church?
  2. How has liturgy been meaningful in your spiritual growth?
  3. Why is liturgy valuable enough to do every week?

And now we’d like to hear from you too. Your words and experiences will be used to help craft the language of our Common Life. Please post your responses to these questions on our Simply Liturgy Survey.

They will be available to the leadership team as the Common Life is drafted. Below the survey, you can read the responses of others, and choose to include yours there too.