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Christ the King (2016.11.20 Sermon)

November 21st, 2016

John Chandler


John Chandler prepared us for the new year to come (in the Christian calendar) with a sermon on Christ the King Sunday.

Quotes and links mentioned:

  • “This is the last Sunday of the church year and as such represents a transition point in the calendar. It is like a new year’s eve, a time when observers look back and reflect on the meanings of the past year and look ahead with hope to the future and its meanings yet to be revealed.” — Barbara Blodgett
  • “There is a fabulous invitation here to take stock of our personal lives and our common life to see what else might have edged into first place, and to ask that God reorder our lives to suit God’s holy purpose.” — Elizabeth Barrington Forney
  • “if the heart is like a compass, an erotic homing device, then we need to (regularly) calibrate our hearts, tuning them to be directed to the Creator, our magnetic north. It is crucial for us to recognize that our ultimate loves, longings, desires, and cravings are learned. And because love is a habit, our hearts are calibrated through imitating exemplars and being immersed in practices that, over time, index our hearts to a certain end. We learn to love, then, not primarily by acquiring information about what we should love but rather through practices that form the habits of how we love.” — James KA Smith in You Are What You Love

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