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Philippians 2:12-30 (2017.02.05 Sermon)

February 6th, 2017

John Chandler

John Chandler took us to the halfway point in our trek alongside the Philippians.

Quotes and links mentioned:

  • “But what does that mean? Work out our salvation? With fear and trembling? If we shrink salvation down to a ticket to heaven, Paul’s exhortation makes little sense. But if we understand salvation as Maximus the Confessor described it—“an entirely new way to be human”—then it makes perfect sense. Salvation is not securing a seat for the bus to heaven, but a thorough living out of resurrection implications. Paul is telling the Philippian Christians that, regarding their salvation, they are to work it out, walk it out, live it out—and to do so with fear and trembling. Why fear and trembling? Because what we have involved ourselves with in Christ is so utterly astonishing!” — Brian Zahnd in Beauty Will Save the World

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