What's your favorite memory of all our kids? 👶👧👶👧

April 13th, 2017 | John Chandler

One of the things that excites me about teaching the kids on Sundays during liturgy is when they have lightbulb moments.

This past Sunday was the most recent one.

As we read the story of Passion Week, from Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem all the way to the cross, one of the kids, who I was certain was not paying attention, suddenly interrupted. “Oh! Oh! But Jesus didn’t stay dead. Right? He rose again!” he shouted, bright-eyed and eager to share his new discovery.

This was a lightbulb moment! He was putting the pieces together of a story he’d heard many times in his young life which, until Sunday, had been somewhat disjointed to him.

It was fun to watch that happen on Sunday.

On Sunday, April 23 we are having a Family Meeting to share more stories like that one. We’ll explore ways we can build meaningful relationships with the kids in our community as well as how we can walk alongside parents as they disciple their kids at home.

Family Meetings are for our ENTIRE church community. Whether you are a parent, a volunteer in our kids’ time or a regular participant in liturgy or a midweek group, your voice at this meeting is important.

The meeting is from 4-6pm at the home of Levi, Abel and Ava Summers’.

There won’t be childcare, but kids are invited and welcome.