Shoveling. Weeding. Crying.

May 17th, 2017 | John Chandler

I hope you can set a side a few minutes to fill out the survey below… here’s why:

Many of our Austin Mustard Seed community have been involved in work days to serve the residents of Community First! Village.

We have shoveled, weeded, gardened and built.

We have watched the Village grow from a few tents to a small city of integrated parts.

We have cried as new residents receive their housewarming basket and prayed blessings over their new homes.

For some of the residents, it is the first bed they have slept on in years. For many, the Village presents an opportunity for honest work and sustainable lifestyle.

Although it has been such a blessing to many of us to play a small part in the development of the Village, many of our AMS community have expressed interest in playing a part in the Village itself. We are asking the question “how can we become part of this amazing community where all of us come to the table as equals- regardless of material wealth, physical ability, or mental acuity?”

This is our opportunity to make it personal, to put names and faces and stories to the people we serve, and in return receive the blessing that only personal connection can bring. Community First has offered AMS opportunities for deepening our relationship with the Village.

To help answer this question we have developed a survey to help us gauge interest and commitment abilities of our community. The survey is short and sweet and leaves room for free text at the end so that you can share your ideas with us.

We want this to be a sustainable relationship with Community First, so please be realistic about what you can commit to. But also share your big dreams of how to share the gifts of Austin Mustard Seed with the residents at Community First.

Be watching for new opportunities to roll out this summer.