Community Groups: What to Expect for the Week of September 17

September 18th, 2017 | Daniel Read

This good boy is lonely and needs community.

Community Groups are finally here!

For the first two weeks, we’ll focus on connecting and reconnecting, as well as answering the question “what will our Community Group be like?”

The First Week

Here’s what to do during your first get together:

The most important thing you will do this week is assigned a Group Guide and Apprentice. Have that person contact Chris Morton this week.

What to Expect in the Weeks to Come

Next week, we’ll focus on creating a Community Group Covenant. It’s an agreement between the members of the group before God. You’ll take the ideas in the “What is a Community Group?” and articulate what it looks like for you.

This fall, our entire church will talk about “Catechesis,” the core beliefs that have defined the Church for two thousand years. Each Sunday, we’ll tackle a basic article of faith. Group Guides will receive a one-page lesson summary and discussion guide to help you dive further.

If you still have questions or feedback, contact Chris Morton.

Important Documents