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A church community practicing the way of Jesus for North Central Austin

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Formation (2017.09.17 Sermon)

September 18th, 2017

John Chandler

John Chandler continued our mini-series on our hope to be a people formed through community.

Quotes and resources mentioned:

  • “Spiritual formation” in the Christian tradition is a process of increasingly being possessed and permeated by such character traits as we walk in the easy yoke of discipleship with Jesus our teacher. From the inward character the deeds of love then naturally–but supernaturally–and transparently flow. — Dallas Willard
  • “Even if we were blessed with parents who developed well our capacity to trust, we still must learn to place our trust in the triune God. This is why God provided the community of faith. In it we learn what it means to trust as we experience the church trusting God and each other.” — Richard Plass & James Cofield, The Relational Soul

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