Finally: Let's Say What We Think About the Bible! (Tonight and Tomorrow)

October 10th, 2017 | Daniel Read

What have Christians ALWAYS believed about the Bible?

If you are from “ChurchWorld” you probably have one of two responses to this question:

(A) I love the Bible. It’s God’s word.
(B) I’m not sure I think about the Bible…but I don’t know where I can talk about that.

On top of that, there are a lot of people who want to tell you what the Bible is—or what it isn’t.

As John mentioned on Sunday, many people talk about the Bible using words like “inspired,” “authoritative” and “inerrant.”

What do these words even mean? Does the Bible describe itself that way?

Others want to tell you that the Bible is ancient, useless and self-contradictive. Since Christians have always relied on the Bible, we should be able to answer why!

Do you have a deep love for studying the Bible you want to share? Are you unsure about the Bible and afraid to bring that up?

Good news!

Now is your chance to honestly reveal what you think about the scriptures.

This week’s Catechesis Discussion is all about the Bible. The purpose of the Catechesis series is to discuss how our shared life is birthed out of what the Church has always believed. We can’t have a Catechesis Discussion without the Bible.

So let’s have a discussion.

How to Participate this Week

  1. Download the Community Group Discussion Guide. Before you go to your group, you’ll want to take time to read through it. You may want to pray about the questions and journal through them.
  2. Visit or join a Community Group. You can see a full list here.