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What is the Bible? (Catechesis Bonus Podcast Week 2)

October 12th, 2017

John Chandler

John Chandler continues our Catechesis discussion on what is the Bible with parts that didn’t make it into the sermon, as well as questions and thoughts that came out of the Community Group discussions.

Quotes and Resources Mentioned:

  • The most frequent way we have of getting rid of the puzzling or unpleasant difficulties in the Bible is to systematize it, organizing it according to some scheme or other that summarizes “what the Bible teaches.” If we know what the Bible teaches, we don’t have to read it anymore, don’t have to enter the story and immerse ourselves in the odd and unflattering and uncongenial way in which this story develops, including so many people and circumstances that have nothing to do, we think, with us. — Eugene Peterson
  • We read scripture in order to be refreshed in our memory and understanding of the story within which we ourselves are actors, to be reminded where it has come from and where it is going to, and hence what our own part within it ought to be. — NT Wright in Scripture and the Authority of God
  • together as God’s people we are to so inhabit the Story that we can discern how to live in our world. — Scot McKnight in The Blue Parakeet
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible
  • The Story of God, The Story of Us