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Catechesis Week 4: What is God’s relationship with creation? (2017.10.22 Sermon)

October 24th, 2017

John Chandler

John Chandler continues our eight week discussion series, “Catechesis: What the Church Has Always Believed”, by asking the question: “What is God’s relationship with creation?”

Quotes and Resources:

  • “This principle proceeds from the assumption that the grace of God can be seen in the raising of Christ, and concludes that Christ’s resurrection is the beginning of the new creation of the world.” — Jürgen Moltmann in God in Creation
  • “[God’s] love is literally ecstatic love: it leads him to go out of himself and to create something which is different from himself but which none the less corresponds to him. The delight with which the Creator celebrates the feast of creation -the sabbath -makes it unequivocally plain that creation was called into being out of the inner love which the eternal God himself is.” —Jürgen Moltmann in God in Creation
  • Breathing Room: A newsletter written and curated to encourage restful, social-media free weekends.

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