This Will Help You Move from Apprehension to Wonder

October 24th, 2017 | Daniel Read

As a church, we have beliefs.

As individuals, it’s a little more complicated.

Sometimes we strongly agree. Sometimes we doubt.

If you don’t have anywhere to discuss your doubts, they can become much more.

Fears. Frustrations. Cynicism.

We grow isolated because we are afraid to share our doubts.

When you have a safe space to discuss what you believe, you fears grow smaller. Doubts which were once crippling transform into mystical questions.

We’re halfway through our discussion series “Catechesis,” where we are revisiting timeless core beliefs of the Church. Instead of ignoring or silencing our doubts, we’re pushing into them.

We’re asking questions that might seem dangerous—but we’re doing it in safe places filled with friends.

When we ask difficult questions together, we are transformed from apprehension to wonder.

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