Who is Jesus? (Cutting Room Floor Podcast)

November 11th, 2017 | Daniel Read

Throughout the Catechesis series, we’re providing an extra “cutting room floor” podcast, where we share some key ideas that we didn’t have time for in the week’s sermon.
This week, we asked the question “who is Jesus?” and discovered three core ideas the Church has always believed about Jesus.
One is that Jesus is SMART!
As Dallas Willard says inĀ Divine Conspiracy

Our commitment to Jesus can stand on no other foundation than a recognition that he is the one who knows the truth about our lives and our universe. It is not possible to trust Jesus, or anyone else, in matters where we do not believe him to be competent. We cannot pray for his help and rely on his collaboration in dealing with real-life matters we suspect might defeat his knowledge or abilities. And can we seriously imagine that Jesus could be Lord if he were not smart? If he were divine, would he be dumb? Or uninformed? Once you stop to think about it, how could he be what we take him to be in all other respects and not be the best-informed and most intelligent person of all, the smartest person who ever lived?