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Catechesis Week 7: What happened at the cross? (2017.11.12 Sermon)

November 13th, 2017

John Chandler

John Chandler continues our eight week discussion series, “Catechesis: What the Church Has Always Believed”, by asking the question: “What happened at the cross?”

Quotes and Resources:

  • “Ultimately, we cannot understand the full meaning of the cross of Christ. We can only stand in silence before it, acknowledge its wonder, and submit to its power. Nevertheless, we desire to understand the depth of Christ’s work on our behalf and to speak about the salvation we have experienced.” — Stan Grenz
  • “Salvation in the New Testament is not seen as an escape from the world of space, time, and matter, but rather as its redemption. The death of Jesus was the moment when the great gate of human history, bolted with iron bars and overgrown with toxic weeds, burst open so that the Creator’s project of reconciliation between heaven and earth could at last be set in powerful motion.” — NT Wright, The Day the Revolution Began
  • “…the point that must be made at the center of any account of Christian mission: the victory of the cross will be implemented through the means of the cross.” — NT Wright, The Day the Revolution Began

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