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Six People Who Need to be at Tonight’s Lament Night

December 18th, 2017

Chris Morton

Lament Night is tonight at the Orange Chapel at 7 pm.

Grief is normal and natural. It’s often most difficult during the holidays.

“Sure…” you say. “But is Lament Night really for me?”

Lament Night is for (at least) six types of people.

  • Anyone who has experienced the death of loved one.
  • Anyone who has experienced a major loss, change or disappointment, such as a divorce or break up, job loss or the loss of a pet.
  • Anyone who is processing a major disappointment, sense of failure or a setback.
  • Anyone who struggles with family tension, especial during the holidays.
  • Anyone who feels hurt, scared or disappointed by recent tragedies happening throughout America.
  • Anyone who can lend support to someone who is hurting.

That sounds like everyone!

If you have any questions, contact Kate or Daniel.

Childcare is available, but please let Kate know.

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