Stay Inside! Five Ways Connect with God & Your Church When it's Freezing

January 16th, 2018 | Daniel Read

It’s cold outside! Ice is falling from the sky!
We’re always saying “see you throughout the week.” So how can you love God and serve your church community when you’re stuck inside?

Enjoy Some Screen-free “Practice” Time

Stuck at home and ready to veg out? Great! There’s nothing wrong the occasional Netflix or X-Box binge.
But how often do we bemoan how busyness keeps us from developing spiritual practices? Block out some time today to pray, read scripture, practice gratitude or practice a spiritual meditation.
A simple prayer practice that you can start using today is ACTS.
You might also tip your toe into Christian Meditation with this Lectio Divina inspired podcast.

Show Some Appreciation

As a part of Austin Mustard Seed you have likely benefitted from the hard volunteer work of other people. There are teachers who educate and love our kids, musicians who lead us in worship, hosts who create space for Community Groups and parties and many, many others!
Take a moment to write someone a text message letting them know you appreciate their love and service. Even better, write them an actual card (but walk to the mailbox until your sidewalks thaw.)

Check on Your Neighbors

Storms provide a tangible opportunity to love our neighbors. Take a moment to call, or if it’s safe enough, walk over and make sure your neighbor is doing well. This is especially important if your neighbors are elderly or have young children.

Gather Around some Bible Stories (all ages)

Some parts of scripture are best read as whole. If you have some unexpected freetime, you might consider opening up Philemon or the Gospel of Mark and reading them from beginning to end.
A “Snow Day” is also opportunity for exploring Bible Stories with your kids. Hopefully, you have a copy of the fantastic The Jesus Storybook Bible. If not, you can also use the app.

Dig Into this Week’s Reflection and Discussion Guide

Every Sunday we provide a Reflection and Discussion Guide for individuals and Community Groups. Your group may or may not meet, depending on weather. But you can dig into this week’s lesson. While you’re keeping warm, take a moment to listen back to John’s sermon and spend a few moments with this week’s reflection and discussion guide.