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Raise Leaders (2018.02.11 Sermon)

February 11th, 2018

John Chandler

John Chandler finishes our new Mission & Methods series with a teaching on our fifth method: We raise leaders who have the capacity to form communities of Jesus.

Quotes & Resources Mentioned:

  • In my experience at AMS, I have felt empowered to embrace my unique calling and experience and offer it within the church body. Historically there have been times where I have felt that my voice as a woman and my education in psychology were not valued by the church, which created difficulty in knowing how to lead within it. What a gift it has been to get to offer the church the part of God’s image he created me to embody. — Ashley Blackwell
  • When I ask myself if Mustard Seed is forming leaders of Christ’s Way, I simply cannot separate the question from the question is Mustard Seed a people that takes seriously the sort of discipline that comes to model Christ’s Way. Love and proximity always influence, human psychology tells us that. So those closest to me simply are being formed by me, as I am by them. We decide how we want to form others. It always is rooted in the question – how do we want ourselves to be formed. — Mason Parva

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