Five Habits for Weaving a Life Like Jesus (Lent Discussion Series)

February 12th, 2018 | John Chandler

Lent is a time of slowing from our usual pace. We revisit our mortality, our brokenness, and the ways we have chosen anything other than the Life God has for us.
This time of slowing isn’t just about mental reflection, but it is also taken on through our actions. For centuries, Christians have given up certain foods or luxuries in order to focus more on suffering as we look toward the cross.
For this season of Lent, we are inviting all of our community into a shared exploration of habits that orient both our souls and bodies toward Jesus. Our liturgy and community groups will focus on each of the habits below.
Whether you give up something or not, we hope you will make time each week to join us exploring each of these habits below. You might not make a habit of all five, but our hope is that you will carry at least one of these habits beyond Lent as a means of “weaving a life like Jesus.”
Week of Feb 18 // Gratitude
Week of Feb 25 // Fasting
Week of March 4 // Confession
Week of March 11 // Scripture
Week of March 18 // Simplicity