Four Suggestions For Weaving a Habit of Gratitude

February 19th, 2018 | Daniel Read

This Sunday in the sermon, Chris described that practice of gratitude. Gratitude is a fairly simple, yet valuable, way of forming a meaningful pattern of living like Jesus.
To help you get started this week, here are four suggestions for how to practice gratitude:
Gratitude Journal
Take a moment each day to recall three things for which you are grateful. In a journal, write down three things each day. As you write it down, take time to contemplate what you are grateful for. Try to be as specific and evocative as possible.
Send a card
Write a note a to person who you are grateful for. Try to be specific, naming something they did that you appreciate.
Have a conversation
Write a letter to a person you are grateful for, and describe why. Then call them or visit them and read them the letter.
Be Intentional!
Create a plan for gratitude for you and others at Austin Mustard Seed. Write out your intentions for how you will practice gratitude this week.
Describe, how, when, where and why you will practice. This is your chance to determine a practice that works for you!
Example: I will practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal. I will store this notebook next to my bed. Each night, right before I turn the lights out, I will write three things I’m grateful for. I will write at least one sentence describing each. I will do this to remind myself of how good God has been to me.